So What is Sports Performance Training?

Sports performance training simply put is a type of training that is designed to improve your fitness level for the purpose of improving your ability to perform a given sport. It includes corrective and restorative exercise, strength training, conditioning and cardiovascular training, sports specific techniques and drills, periodization, nutritional advice, mental and psychological training, and constant and consistent accountability and monitoring by a qualified personal trainer. Sports performance training is commonly referred to strength and conditioning training. However simply calling it strength and conditioning doesn’t emphasize its importance.

The Human Being

“You are an amazing, adaptable, healing machine. The human being has an immense capacity to heal itself. At any age, and in nearly any state, the human animal is capable of an incredible amount of tissue repair and remodeling. Clearly torn ligaments don't magically reattach and herniated disks are slow to heal, but the human body will take a ton of abuse for a really long time before it finally gives up the fight.

Our bodies will put up with your silly movement and lifestyle choices because it has a freakish amount of functional tolerance built in. We shouldn't, however, make the classic error of confusing this miraculous genetic inheritance with a tacit rationalization for eating, sleeping, or moving however we please. Most of the typical musculoskeletal dysfunction that people deal with is really just preventable disease.” ~ Kelly Starrett

Resolve Pain, Prevent Injury and Optimize Performance

Start treating your body with the respect it deserves, it's sad that we treat our material possessions better than we treat ourselves. Remember that you are an athlete and spend time practicing movement patterns this way you will be better prepared to move when the time comes. Don't wait till an injury presents itself to start training. It isn't what you got hurt doing that was the cause but rather your inefficient movement pattern. The only way to know if your movement patterns are good is to actually move. Embark on a lifelong journey to identify problems, fix them, and then expose more holes in your athletic profile. It's a never-ending cycle of correcting problems and finding new ones. This is how you become a better athlete and more importantly how you kick life's ass. Your goal should be to resolve pain, prevent injury and optimize performance.

New Rochelle Sports Performance Training

At New York Fitness Professionals we offer strength and conditioning programs for sports teams and individual sports performance training programs. We are conveniently located in downtown New Rochelle. If you are in Westchester County and looking to improve your sports performance come check us out. 175 Memorial Highway - LL1, New Rochelle, NY 10801