Keep Going

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It’s not suppose to be easy. In fact I’m glad that it’s not. Over the course of human evolution we’ve reduced the amount of physical labor that we have to do and increased the time we spend sedentary. Back when we were hunters and gathers we were far more functional if for no other reason than we had to be. You had to chase your food and at times be chased by it. So your life revolved around the fight or flight instinct.

In todays world you can get any time of food you desire by simple walking in the supermarket. You don’t even have to walk, you can get one of those scooters (man I hate those things). This is one of the biggest reasons why starting an active lifestyle is so difficult. Our world isn’t designed for it and so it takes a great deal of effort to condition our mind to it. Here’s the kicker it really only take 2 weeks of consistent work to develop neuromuscular efficiency. Now I don’t want to get too technical, so neuromuscular efficiency is basically conditioning. It’s when your nervous system can effectively communicate with your muscular system. Your nervous system dictates all movement and because the body is designed for self preservation it causes funky things to happen in an effort to protect you from harm. The most common response to what the nervous system perceives a over exertion is vomiting which forces you to stop all activity. Even though it only takes 2 weeks of consistently working out to develop neuromuscular efficiency if you are inconsistent it can take forever.

sore today strong tomorrow

Humans expect immediate results and in actuality you do receive immediate results, you just don’t see it right away. It’s easy to look at someone who’s at a fitness level far about your current state and think wow they are amazing. You might even say to yourself that you’ll never get there because the little you can do right now kills you. Well I have news for you, we all have to walk the same path and we all start from nothing much. Regardless of genetic gifts, you have to work hard and push yourself beyond your current limits. One of the few people I’ve come across with limitless physical potential puked her first day after about 10 minutes of basic activity. Her saving grace though is the fact that she kept going, overcoming the obstacles along her path and always striving for better. Now she even gives me a run for my money.

richard romeroMost of you guys know Rich. Well when Rich first started training with me he had a rather difficult time keeping up. There were a few instances where he’s almost pasted out but he kept going. He’s also had quite a few near death experiences and some limitations from injuries, but if you look at him you’d never know. Now Rich is at a level that sometimes seems to be above my own. Guess it’s true what they say the wolf climbing the mountain is hungrier than the wolf at the top of the mountain. Anyways I’m telling you all this to let you know two things, 1 keep going no matter what obstacles you face and 2 you don’t know a person’s story so don’t look from the outside and compare them to you.

Movement is life. With that said we all know life comes with challenges so buckle down and face them. Don’t you dare give up. If you experience pain along the way, remember I am a corrective exercise specialist and medical exercise specialist so there is a good chance that I can help you. Just don’t wait until you lose the ability to function before you come see me. If something doesn’t move, move it. If something is out of place put it back in place. Remember nothing in life worth having comes easy.