weight-loss-men-and-womenWhy are you having trouble losing weight?

Modern perspectives of foods has shifted to a focus on calories. This single perspective might allow one to assume that highly processed foods are the same as whole foods of equal calories. Most people don’t examine enzymes, micronutrients, fiber and glycemic index - measured by calories alone, two meals might seem similar, but may produce an opposite metabolic response. The discovery of calories and their subsequent counting has not made us a leaner society. In fact, body fat percentages have for the most part gotten worse.

So how do you achieve safe healthy weight loss and keep it off?

The solution is to take a holistic approach. You can simply count calories and lose weight but to effectively change the way you feel, look and achieve your fitness goals you are better off implementing an exercise program and changing your eating habits. Instead of counting calories, start by reducing your carbohydrate intake. I am not advocating zero carbs, however I do suggest you cut out sugars and starches from your diet. These foods stimulate secretion of insulin the most. Insulin is the main fat storage hormone in the body. When insulin goes down, fat has an easier time getting out of the fat stores and the body starts burning fats instead of carbs. Another benefit of lowering insulin is that your kidneys shed excess sodium and water out of your body, which reduces bloat and unnecessary water weight. Cut the carbs, lower your insulin and you will start to eat less calories automatically and without hunger. If you are ready to change your eating habits follow my list of what you should be eating.

The most important thing you need to do is set realistic short and long term weight loss goals. Figure out why you want to achieve those goals. Don’t look too far into the future, take it one day at a time. Do however keep in mind how you will feel once you achieve your long term goal, and above all else don’t give up.

For the exercise portion, start out with a fitness assessment to determine what exercises you should and shouldn't be doing. I am willing and able to help you even if you are not in the New Rochelle, NY area. If you are in Westchester, NY then I can work hands on with you to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

new rochelle ny personal trainer avadean lewisOvercome one obstacle in life, and another appears to fill the void. Life is designed to be a story of achievement in spite of adversity, not in the absence of adversity, for without adversity achievement could not exist. Do not blame the problems and challenges of life for your humbling circumstances. The constant, unrelenting pull of life is downward, giving cause for disappointment, despair, and discouragement. There shall always be cause to give up; there shall always be cause for complaint, but engage in complaining and you add to the downward pull of life. When effort ceases, when neglect makes its haunting appearance, growth gives way to stagnation and decay.

All good will be attacked. It is nature’s way of qualifying those who are worthy and those who are not. Life can turn confidence into doubt, trust into suspicion, patience into impatience, and effort into procrastination, worry and eventual defeat. Learn to accept the existence of negativity and learn also that negativity always yields constant human effort coupled with the constantly growing human faith and attitude. Our current attitude, finances, environment, lifestyle, and our view of our own future possibilities are called circumstances, and to change those circumstances, we must change the cause of those circumstances, which is ourselves. We must change our habits, our attitudes, our opinions, and often our environment.

Each day is given to us. The thoughts, deeds, dreams and efforts of today will provide tomorrow's harvest. To neglect the opportunity given to us this day is to delay our better future. Do not use today to mentally re-live yesterday or to await the arrival of tomorrow, for tomorrow - when it arrives - will be called today. There will be no better day, no better opportunity, no better time to begin than the current moment. Seize the moments as you find them and mold them into your own better future. Today's procrastination will surely be tomorrow's regret.

It's still the beginning of the year, so if you haven't started working on your fitness goals, start now. If you already started, keep going. If you need help I am always available. Stop trying to find excuses if you think you don't have time cut back on the time you watch tv or surf the internet. We spend a lot of time doing things that doesn't help us become the best version of ourselves, instead those things keep us from being who we ought to be. Time is a finite resource and at the end of the day it's the only resource that matters. You can always get more money, food, clothes, etc but you can't get more time. Don't sit idly by and then wonder where it all went. Right now is all you have, and it's all you'll ever have!


In other News....for the month of January I am giving free fitness assessments, so if you know any one you should get their fitness level check, send them down. If you need to kick start your fitness yourself, email me or call to schedule an assessment. Click [HERE] for assessment details.

In the past I used to skip warming up and never even considered a cool down. As knowledgable as I am I just didn’t see myself having the extra time necessary to get them done. It wasn’t until my left shoulder and lower back started to act up and impact my workouts that I had a paradigm shift. I’m a corrective exercise specialist and I simply wasn’t practicing what I was preaching. Now I’ve developed a new mindset hence why I’ve been stressing self maintenance and ensuring that you are always in good positions. Something as simply as a warm-up and cool-down have given me tremendous injury prevention and accelerated recovery. As long as I do at least 10 minutes of self maintenance daily and warm-up before each workout, I have phenomenal workouts that are pain free. If I cool-down after each workout I don’t suffer from the stiffness and inflammation that has caused me so much grief.


If you want optimal performance, training is not about the workout alone. It is also about how you prepare for the workout and how you close it out. You train to make your body stronger, faster, more durable, and better able to sustain long efforts. If you put your energy into a hard training effort but do little beforehand and nothing afterward to maximize the benefits of that training, or to do it in a way that doesn’t shred your tissues, then you aren’t getting a full return on your investment. You won’t achieve the full amount of adaptation that you could, and the risk for injury gets higher as well.