I don’t feel sorry for you, I also don’t feel sorry for myself. Feeling sorry causes depression and stunts growth. In life there will always be things that we have to go through. Here’s what you need to always remember, no matter what you are going through, someone else has gone through and is going through worse. Perception is reality, so when you are going through the struggles of life it seems like your world is going to end and there is no way out. However when you make it through and look back you realize it really wasn't that bad. It was only a set up to prepare your bigger challenges.

Do you remember your first workout? I will never forget mine. I tell every client that the first 2 weeks of any fitness program is like going through hell. It’s hard and can be extremely painful. You might not even be able to move the next few days, but you have to move. If you don’t you will lose the ability to move. Movement is life after all. Something interesting happens around week 3, things get easier. You don’t get as sore as you used to and you might even start wondering if you aren’t working out hard enough. The reality is during those 2 weeks you were developing neuromuscular efficiency (your nervous systems ability to control your muscular system). The same thing happens when you drive a car. When you first learn to drive, especially manual, you find yourself going though an extensive checklist but after awhile driving becomes second nature. You get so uninvolved in it that you can drive while texting, putting on makeup, talking on the phone, etc.

Well that’s just life! You go through things and you grow. Life is simply to be lived, so enjoy the moments. Never give up. Never give in. You can overcome. The universe provides.