Develop Efficient Movement Patterns

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Movement-patternHealthcare and commercial fitness practices often neglect fundamental movement, paying too much attention to the surface view. Weakness and tightness are often attacked with isolated and focused strengthening and stretching remedies that don’t work toward a movement pattern standard. A surgeon, a physician and a physical therapist see these problems through eyes biased by solutions of their training instead of working from a comprehensive baseline. One sees a surgical solution based on structure; one considers which medication to manage pain and inflammation, while the other looks for mechanical issues to rehabilitate.

The initial perspective is the same for the physician, physical therapist and strength and conditioning professional. We study the same anatomy, but regard movement from many different views. We become highly specialized, and in specialization lies the problem. We study specific aspects of biomechanics activities without a baseline movement standard. We each look at tightness, weakness and pain, but we don’t all see the same thing. We have the anatomy map, but we can’t agree on a movement map.

So here’s how the New York Fitness Professionals approach is different, we separate movement dysfunction from fitness and performance. We do a thorough movement assessment to develop a fitness program that will establish basic good movement mechanics and stability. This will ensure that you develop neuromuscular efficiency and endurance so you can exercise effectively while reducing your risk of injury. Our goal is to normalize functional movement patterns, mobility, stability and proprioception.

To prevent musculoskeletal injury we don’t just manage pain and symptoms, we target and contain risk factors. If you have a dysfunctional movement pattern, it should be addressed before trying to improve your performance or fitness level. If you have good movement patterns but experience pain then it is important to get a healthcare practitioner with knowledge of pain evaluation and movement evaluation involved. As medical exercise specialists and corrective exercise specialists we can help prevent injury and work with your healthcare practitioner to develop a safe and effective exercise program that will have you moving better, feeling better and exercising pain free.

Once we assess your posture, muscle balance and fundamental movement patterns, we use the results to develop a musculoskeletal rehabilitation program. Our corrective exercise strategy is to focus on improving mobility, stability, basic motor control and whole movement patterns. Once we’ve established the desired movement patterns, we can safely progress to programs that improve general fitness, including endurance, strength, speed, agility, power and task specificity. Our bodies are miracles capable of unbelievable durability and resiliency, with an amazing performance and physical capacity. We are made to grow strong and to age gracefully. Reclamation of authentic movement is the starting point. We cannot simply have better fitness conditioning and sports performance. We must cultivate it.

If you are in Westchester, NY stop in for a free assessment during the month of January. We are conveniently located in downtown New Rochelle. 175 Memorial Highway - LL1, New Rochelle, NY 10801.