How to Stand and Sit

To follow up on my last newsletter (click here if you missed it), I will now teach you how to apply the bracing sequence to fundamental positions like standing and sitting. Your basic setup to stand is always the same: feet straight, back flat, belly tight, head neutral, and shoulders externally rotated in a stable position.

Sitting like standing is one of the most technically challenging things we do. Yet most of us are clueless when it comes to sitting well. In order to stabilize your spine in a neutral position, you have to get organized while standing by following the bracing sequence.

The Bracing Sequence
1. Squeeze your butt as hard as you can.
The first thing you need to do is set your pelvis in a neutral position. To accomplish this, position your feet directly under your hips - keeping your feet parallel to each other - screw your feet into the ground and squeeze your butt as hard as you can. Don't think about tilting your pelvis. Just squeeze your butt. You will always end up in the right position because it's your butt - those glutes were engineered specifically for your pelvis and spine.
2. Pull your ribcage down.
Next, pull your lower ribs in, balancing your ribcage over your pelvis.
3. Get your belly tight.
The next step is to lock your pelvis and ribcage in place with your abdominals. You can't move with your butt squeezed so you need to lock in the position by engaging your abs. Think about it like this: Gluts set position, abs brace position. And you need at least 20 percent tension to set and maintain a braced-neutral spinal position.
4. Set your head in a neutral position and screw your shoulders into a stable position.
Lastly, center your head over your shoulders, and gaze forward. Think about aligning your ears over your shoulders, hips, and ankles.
Once seated, you have to keep at least 20 percent tension in your abs to maintain a rigid spine.

Now go out there and apply this to your everyday life!!!