Your Mind is a Wonderful Thing

ny personal trainer avadean lewisThe human mind is a wonderful thing. It controls everything we do and more importantly how we do things. If you believe you can do something, every cell in the fiber of your being will work towards making that belief into reality. Now if you believe you can’t, then forget about it. Your brain will simply shut everything off and only God can help you at that point.

We are all designed to move efficiently and move perfectly without giving it much thought. However, that changes once we start sitting at desks in the first grade. Your tissue joints mold to the positions in which you spend most of your time. If you spend majority of your time seated in a chair or in shoes that elevate your heels, your body becomes restricted by those patterns. So to get back the neuromuscular efficiency you were born with, you have to be reborn.

The first step to rebirth is acknowledging that you can restore your natural capacities despite the damage that you have incurred from too much sitting, too little self-maintenance and too much reliance on medications. So the key to enjoying living a fitness lifestyle, starts with the mindset that you have unlimited potential and your job is to pave the way.

Performance Can Always be Improved

If you do the work to achieve and maintain good positions, not only do you reduce your risk of injury,  but reduce the wearing out of your joints. Fixing problems and retraining your body to move well, you also allow for greater performance which means more power, speed, and endurance.

Change Your Mindset

Don’t just try to get the work done, make sure it’s done right. Which means form is most important. Quality is what it’s all about. It’s great that you are steadfast and consistent with your training. But in taking your dedication to another level, you will get the most out of each day every training session.

Take Personal Responsibility for Routine Maintenance

Even though I am a medical exercise specialist and corrective exercise specialist I can’t fix you without you doing some self maintenance. My greatest joy as a personal trainer is a client that is complient and does what they need to do on their own, it makes our sessions that much more successful. Just like you have to change the oil in your car, keep your tires inflated and etc. You have to perform maintenance on yourself. I know you’re busy, I know your day is crammed, and I know you have a boss and a spouse and your kid’s science fair project to help out with. But you really only need 10 to 30 minutes a day; you’re worth it.

No Days Off

Maintenance work on your body needs to be done everyday. No days off, no excuses. I can’t stress this enough.

It’s a Journey

New problems will always pop up. When you find a new problem to solve, embrace it. Each problem is a gift, think of it as an opportunity to unlock new performance you didn’t know you had, or some new efficiency to be gained.

Mobility is the Way to Go

To develop optimal levels of neuromuscular control and efficiency you have to think mobility. Which is more than just stretching. It’s self-myofascial release, stretching, activating and reintegrating muscles.